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Argyle Origin Verified Pink Diamond Investment

The Australian diamond industry offers a unique opportunity for those interested in investing in a pink diamond. The Australian pink diamond investment Association has been in operation for more than 30 years and is well-known amongst international buyers.

Argyle mine is closing due to increased operational costs

The Argyle networthexposed mine is the world’s largest producer of coloured diamonds. It was one of the first mines to implement modern mining techniques, such as underground mining. Argyle has produced more than 650 million carats of rough diamonds.

It is the source of 90% of the pink diamonds found in the world. The Argyle site is also known for its unique bubble gum pink hue. This hue makes the gem a high-end choice among affluent buyers.

Pink diamonds are a rare commodity. They are in extremely high demand. Argyle has the highest production of pinks of any mine in the world. However, Argyle is not the only place to find pink diamonds. There are other mines that produce pinks, such as Kimberley in South Africa and the Kimberley mine in Botswana.

Rio Tinto is the owner of the Argyle mine. The company has announced plans to close the operation by the end of 2020. Although the mine will continue to be monitored for a while, the company plans to decommission and rehabilitate the site.

While Argyle is still the source of many fancy colored diamonds, its most famous gemstone is the pink Argyle diamond. These are highly prized and are often sold to consumers for millions of dollars. Argyle is also known for producing red and blue diamonds, though they are much rarer than pinks.

Argyle certified diamonds vs Argyle origin verified diamonds

If you are shopping for a pink diamond, you may be wondering what the difference is between an Argyle certified pink diamond and an Argyle origin verified pink diamond. The answer is not exactly as simple as you might think. There are several different factors that affect the value of an Argyle colored diamond best mutual funds.

An Argyle certified diamond is a diamond that has a laser inscription, also called an Argyle Lot number, on its girdle. This lot number is unique to the stone and only visible under magnification. It is a symbol of the diamond’s authenticity.

Argyle certified pink diamonds are rare and are priced accordingly. They are valued more highly than most pink diamonds in general because of their color.

A diamond’s colour is one of the biggest components of its value. In fact, most Argyle diamonds contain nitrogen impurities that impart nuances to the spectra.

Argyle pink diamonds are categorized into four categories. First, there is the Type Ia Pink Diamond. These diamonds are smaller in size and have cooler pink and magenta overtones. They are formed primarily in lamproite, a volcanic rock that has been buried under a layer of zeolite.

In January 2009, Argyle expanded its laser inscription to diamonds that weigh more than 0.08 carat. Today, only a small percentage of Argyle pink diamonds are cut by the mine.

Argyle pink diamonds are personally selected by our Principal Diamond Specialist

If you are a diamond enthusiast, then you might already be aware of the Argyle Pink Diamonds. They are one of the rarest colored diamonds in the world. With their beautiful hue, these diamonds have an unparalleled value. It is no wonder that they have become so popular among collectors.

The Argyle Pink Diamonds are a natural gem that has been mined in Western Australia. These gemstones are rare and come from a mine with an impeccable and sustainable chain of custody.

Argyle Pink Diamond Investment is a true rarity and are only open to the most select diamantaires. Because these diamonds are so rare, they have a value that is unparalleled. Their unique color, saturation, and purity make them even more valuable.

Argyle Pink Diamonds are coveted because of their innate beauty and unique hue. Only master jewelers are able to properly cut and polish these diamonds. In fact, these diamonds are considered one of the most desirable coloured diamonds in the world.

Argyle pink diamonds have an impeccable provenance and are held in high regard. Every Argyle pink diamond is laser inscribed with its unique lot number to ensure a flawless chain of custody.

Argyle Pink Diamonds have become a phenomenon in the luxury world. Many of the world’s most renowned master jewelers choose them as their preferred diamond.

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