Lazy Age: How to Choose a Sport and Start Exercising After 35

The realization that 35 isn’t the new 25 comes to everyone in different ways. At 20, you could party all night and go to work in the morning. At 35, you’re no longer capable of such tricks on a regular basis. Around that age, your back, knees, and blood pressure start to show. Aging can’t be prevented, but it can be slowed down and stretched over time. One important tool for this is sports.

What Happens to Your Body After 35

On a cellular level, the body stops growing and begins to slowly fade already after 25, but it’s still imperceptible. But after about 35, changes in the body can no longer be ignored. Approximately, because the adherents of unhealthy lifestyles began to experience them earlier, and they begin to occur later in the dieters and in those who won the lottery that is more unpredictable as hitting a jackpot at To summarize, this is what happens to the average person’s body after 35:

  • Vessels become less elastic, and the first sclerotic plaques may form on their walls.
  • the blood gets a little thicker, the possibility of blood clots increases.
  • Capillaries in the muscles become fewer, it increases the recovery time after exercise.
  • Blood cholesterol levels go up.
  • Metabolism slows down, making it harder to lose extra pounds, and easier to gain.
  • The volume of bone tissue begins to decrease.

And there is much more. The processes are slow, but the effect is cumulative. We get tired a little faster, we become lazier, and the productivity of our work decreases imperceptibly, but imperceptibly. And it’s an inevitable, physiologically determined process.

Do You Need Sports?

Regardless of your natural attributes, your body mass index, or your level of zoological awareness, you need sports. It’s not about high-performance sports, but about dosed loads at the amateur level. Championships leave not only medals, but also chronic aches and pains, while self-training cures those aches and pains.

Before going in for sports, you should have a minimum check-up: take a complete blood test, make a cardiogram. If something is bothering you, have an ultrasound scan, an MRI, take some additional tests. Let the doctor analyze the results, look at the scans, listen to your complaints and tell you what kind of load you shouldn’t give your body, and what will be useful.

Are you overweight and have flat feet? It means that your back and legs are tired more and faster. Buy orthopedic insoles – standard for your type of foot deformity or customized if flat feet are neglected. Good orthopedic salons can give you a free foot scan and find the best insole for you.

If you decide to help your body, give up bad habits or at least reduce their impact. This includes not only smoking and alcohol but also junk food, heavy meals at night, recycling, sticking to gadgets before going to bed. Such a complex improvement will accelerate the effect of doing sports, and when you start to get involved in activities, the body itself will start to give up harmful food anxnr .

How to Choose Your Sport

The best sport for you is the one that you like and at the same time helps your health. Or, at least, not harmful to it. Now we will explain the difference.

Suppose you have a bad back. Osteochondrosis, curvatures, stiffness is the classic set of an experienced office worker without an athletic background. No matter how many times you’re a weightlifting fan, you’d better forget about lifting weights. Swimming, yoga, stretching, and massage can help you improve your quality of life. But many other activities won’t hurt your back, although they won’t help it as much as swimming. These include bicycling, badminton, squash, rollerblading, and dancing.

If you are seriously overweight, you should start with minimal exercise. The simplest, most accessible and at the same time effective sport in this case – walking. First, for hundreds of meters, with frequent stops, later for kilometers. Don’t be surprised: this simple kind of exercise (walking becomes sporty with a special technique and speed) can work wonders. Kilograms gradually melt away, if you are not lazy and exercise every day.

Determined: the sport should not harm and enjoy it. Go to the useful, but hateful workout you probably will not. Now how do you choose what to do?

First, think about what you like: team sports like volleyball, group activities with a trainer, doubles, or exercise alone.

Second, don’t take it too seriously. The section, unlike the place of work, you can change every month and even more often until you find your sport and team. So do not buy a season ticket for a month at once: better to buy it without a beginner’s discount and walk with pleasure, than it, a preferential one, will lie idle.

Thirdly, ask those who are already involved in the sport, what they like and what they do not. What is the effect of exercising? What do they need to buy? Throw a social networking site or, if you do not have many virtual friends, look for enthusiastic people in the thematic pubs. This will save you time and money.

What Sport Suits Your Temperament

There is no strict division, as well as in the distribution of people by type of temperament. In the sport, quiet phlegmatic can enjoy a quick ride on a snowboard, and companionable sanguine can enjoy running alone. It’s all individual, but some inclinations to a particular sport, depending on the character, are still there.

The sanguine is an active, outgoing and emotional person. His feelings can change quickly and affect behavior, but they are not very intense.

Such people feel good in team sports, where there is competition and communication. If this is about you, choose a section according to your heart and health level: from rugby to frisbee. Crossfit and cycling are also suitable because you can go to group classes and communicate with different people.

Choleric people are explosive, fast, with strongly expressed feelings. This person can react very emotionally and take a hard and long time to get over defeats.

Choleric people like sports where, on the one hand, you can release accumulated emotional stress, but on the other – to defeat opponents and fear. Martial arts and extreme sports are excellent for these purposes.

Both choleric and sanguine people in general are more agile and do not mind competition. So, they may also like active individual confrontation: big and table tennis, squash, badminton, arm wrestling.

Phlegmatic is a slow and calm person with a stable mood. He rarely shows his feelings and they do not affect his performance.

Such people often like sports where you can slowly and methodically move towards the goal. For example, long-distance running, climbing, weightlifting, golf, triathlon. Dancing is also suitable.

The melancholic is often a reserved, vulnerable, indecisive person. Different feelings can take him for a long time, and low self-esteem doesn’t contribute to their adequate experience.

Melancholics find it difficult to play on a team, give 100% for a win and take criticism. They need to feel comfortable and not be in the spotlight – these are important criteria for them when choosing sports. Yoga, cycling, swimming, and other meditative activities with predictable results are good for them.

The melancholic and phlegmatic are calmer and slower. They can enjoy hobby sports, where there is no need to run and shout, where if there is a confrontation, it’s intellectual and doesn’t depend on physical strength. For example, as in billiards.

You can also choose a sport on the principle of “what should I change in myself, what should I learn”. Think about what you need to learn. Learn to work as a team and not to pull the blanket over yourself? Not give in to the onslaught of problems? Become more reserved or, conversely, bolder and more assertive? By the age of 30-35 the skeleton of character is already formed, but we can improve or deteriorate its condition with the help of muscles and ligaments.

There is a technique: smile to improve your mood. The brain reads the signals of the body, and our state can change. This is partly self-confidence, partly somatopsychic, because a healthy body has a healthy spirit. Through the body you can influence the psyche, and vice versa. A group exercise can help to wake up a melancholic or phlegmatic sleepy person. Yoga, on the other hand, can help calm the choleric temper and channel the energy of the sanguine.

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