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Novita Diamonds Makes a Donation to Dress For Success

Novita Diamonds has made a donation of diamonds to Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization that helps women achieve success in business. This organization also donates professional clothing to women in need, which makes a huge impact on the lives of many women. As a member of CBIZ Women’s Advantage, Novita is committed to the advancement of women in the business community and the empowerment of women.

Member of Dress for Success

Novita Diamonds, a global diamond company, is proud to donate diamonds to Dress for Success, an organization that empowers women and girls to find their dream jobs. Last year, Novita Diamonds donated over $1 million to the organization. Through its partnerships with Dress for Success and other charitable organizations, Novita Diamonds is helping thousands of women find employment and improve their lives.

For over three decades, Novita Diamonds has been partnering with charitable organizations like Novita and dress for success for Success. In 2016, the company donated more than $1 million in diamonds to this cause. The diamonds are used to provide professional clothing for women in need. The company also works with COVID-19 to improve the community through job opportunities for women. By donating diamonds to Dress for Success, Novita Diamonds not only helps women achieve their dreams but also contributes to a better environment in their communities.

This partnership

Novita Diamonds is a member of the Dress for Success charity and has provided clothing to women in need. This partnership has brought about great changes in the community. It has been a great way to help needy women gain employment and change their lives. In addition to improving the community, donation of diamonds helps Novita Diamond increase its clientele, establishing a professional relationship between seller and consumer.

Dress for Success is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women in need of professional attire. The organization serves over 1,750 economically challenged women in the local community. The recent increase of COVID-19 in the region has increased the need for programs like this. Novita Diamonds has been one of the most successful donations companies.

Novita Diamonds donates  

The Novita Diamonds team is proud to donate diamonds to Dress for Success, a charity that provides professional clothing to women in need. Through this donation, Novita is helping women advance in their careers and improve their communities. The Novita team believes that this donation will make a difference in the lives of many women.

Dress for Success has been a success story for over three decades. The partnership between the Novita Diamond Company and Dress for Success makes both organizations better and makes a huge difference in the community. Through this charity partnership, the Novita Diamond Company is not only making a difference for the women they help, they are also providing a valuable source of marketing. The Novita charity partnership has changed the face of society and provided an excellent way to help women fulfill basic needs. The Novita Diamond donation also enhances the confidence of women and builds a more professional relationship between the buyer and seller.

Dress for Success empowers local women through professional attire, a network of support, and professional networking lab created diamonds UK opportunities. It has served over 1,750 economically challenged women in the region. The recent increase in COVID-19 has made it more crucial than ever for this organization to provide these resources.


As a member of CBIZ Women’ Advantage, Novita Diamonds is committed to its mission of empowering women. The company partners with Dress for Success and donates diamonds and jewellery to women in need. The money raised from the donations will provide professional apparel to women in need and will improve the lives of many.

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