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 Wholesale Diamonds Manchester

The term “wholesale” in diamonds implies purchasing diamonds in bulk quantities tax-free and without the middleman. Buying diamonds in wholesale quantities saves the consumer money by eliminating the middleman. Retailers often use the term “wholesale” in advertising, but this has diluted its meaning and many states have banned it.

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Lumera Wholesale Diamonds Manchester offers customers the opportunity to buy diamonds from an expert retailer with the lowest price possible. Their prices are often 40% less than retail prices at other retailers. They also offer excellent service and consultation from their consultants. Their inventory of 30,000 GIA-certified diamonds ensures a wide range of choices. They also offer free shipping. Whether you’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring or a solitaire engagement ring, Lumera is a great choice for the best deal.

If you’re not familiar with diamond wholesale, you’ll find that it is different from retail diamonds. A wholesaler purchases large quantities of goods from a manufacturer and then resells them to other companies. Wholesalers buy their goods from producers at lower prices than retailers and can offer them at lower margins. Retailers, on the other hand, sell smaller quantities to consumers. As such, their margins are much higher.


Getting the best price is important in purchasing the best man made diamonds, but sometimes you need to go through a middleman to find it. This is where 23 Wholesale Diamonds Manchester comes in. The people who work here are very knowledgeable and professional. Moreover, you can make a tax-free purchase through them.

Lumera pricing follows wholesale philosophy

The pricing philosophy of Lumera is similar to that of a wholesaler. Although the company sells most of its diamonds directly to consumers, they offer the same terms and pricing as traditional retailers. Lumera’s markup is less than nine percent, which is very close to the wholesale price. This is much lower than traditional jewelers, who typically mark up diamonds by 100% or more.

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