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The Airtel Xstream app is a new videotape streaming service that allows you to watch free videos on your mobile phone. It is available to all users, but if you’d like to watch premium content, you need to subscribe to a paid subscription plan. Xstream Premium is available for Rs. 49 per month or Rs. 499 per year, and is a paid subscription, which includes a number of unique TV channels and exclusive content from platform owners. If you’re not an ‘Airtel’ customer, however, you can still use the free app to enjoy free videotapes.

The interface is clean and easy to navigate, and there’s no need to sign up for a subscription – there’s a free trial to try the app out before you decide whether it’s for you. The app also includes tutorials that will help you get started and understand the functionality of the application. It’s a nice little tool to have for entertainment purposes, and you’ll find that it is a great way to fill your media-watching need.

If you have an Airtel mobile phone, you can get the app for free on the Google Play store, and you’ll be able to stream free videos from more than 350 live TV channels. The app also supports more than ten thousand movies, 100 TV shows, and music videos. Downloaded videos are available for playback on any device, and the quality can be changed.

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