Conflict Diamonds

If you’re new to the world of conflict diamonds, you’ve probably wondered, “What exactly are they?” Conflict diamonds are just like any other diamond, except that they’re mined in areas dominated by rebel groups and sold to itinerant buyers. Some of these diamonds end up in video games and video game characters.

Conflict diamonds are virtually

Conflict diamonds are diamonds that were mined by rebel groups in conflict zones. These diamonds are used as a source of funding for wars and state violence. There are approximately 65 million conflict diamonds in the world today. Because conflict diamonds are nearly identical to every other diamond in the world, there is no way for consumers to tell the difference between a conflict diamond and a diamond from a legitimate source. However, new blockchain technology is making it easy for consumers to find the history of a diamond.

Conflict diamonds are cut and polished almost identical to other diamonds. They are sold in huge consumer markets in the West, where consumers cannot differentiate between conflict diamonds and legitimate gems. This makes it difficult to trace the origin of the diamonds. As a result, diamond traders have been concerned about a potential boycott of all diamonds.

Controlled by rebel groups

Conflict diamonds, also known as brown diamonds, red diamonds, and blood diamonds, are mined in countries controlled by rebel groups. The proceeds of this illegal business are used to fund insurgency, invasion, and warlord activity. They are referred to as “blood diamonds” to highlight the negative effects of diamond trade in conflict-affected regions. The term “blood diamond” was coined after civil wars in Sierra Leone and Angola.

Although the Kimberley Process was created in 2003, it has failed to prevent conflict diamonds from being mined in areas controlled by rebel groups. In November, the Kimberley Process refused to suspend Zimbabwe’s participation and ban its sale of blood diamonds, despite the fact that the conflict diamond trade funds rebel militias and armed groups. Even when countries are involved in the Kimberley Process, there is often no action taken against rebel militias or mining companies that kill their employees. As a result, blood diamonds continue to find their way to jewelry stores around the world.

Sold to itinerant buyers

Blood diamonds are sold on the black market and smuggled by organized crime syndicates. Although they are now rarer, they can still fund violent civil wars and illicit activities. Global Witness investigated the trade in these diamonds by posing as smugglers and interacting with people in various countries.

As the UN definition states, “blood diamonds are diamonds mined from conflict zones where they are used to fund armed conflict.” The UN has banned the sale of these diamonds from these regions, which are home to some of the poorest countries in the world. During the three most recent conflicts in Central Africa, rebel groups smuggled in supplies of these blood diamonds. The sales of these diamonds helped raise millions of dollars for the rebels.

Used in video games

Blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, are mined in areas where warlords and insurgents are active. They are often used as financing for these insurgencies. This is why the diamonds are branded as “blood diamonds.” These diamonds have been sourced during the 20th and 21st century civil wars in Angola and Sierra Leone.

The use of blood diamonds in video games isn’t just about realism. Some games, including Grand Theft Auto, feature the blood diamond as currency, and some use it as a plot point in the main storyline. Another video game that makes use of blood diamonds is Far Cry 2, which has blood diamond missions throughout the game.

They are smuggled by organized

Many people don’t realize that the Ethical Diamonds used to make jewelry are actually created in conflict zones. Organized crime syndicates smuggle these gems to resell on the black market. The diamonds are not traceable once they have been polished. This makes it impossible to identify individual stones, or even a mixed “parcel” of diamonds. This also makes them an ideal currency for these criminal organizations. Several types of diamonds are produced, ranging from industrial grade to gem quality. Once they reach a gem quality, these diamonds are worth significantly more.


Drug traffickers often use diamonds as currency. However, some diamonds are smuggled to fund terrorist operations. The Washington Post has reported that al-Qaeda has been buying conflict diamonds from RUF. Diamonds are also an attractive alternative to cash for terrorists.

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