How to record a Zoom meeting without permission

We all know that the Zoom meeting is the most popular video conferencing platform where the users can easily connect and communicate remotely with a group people in real time through video, audio and chat. It is the popular platform now a day for the users for attending the online meetings according to their needs. You can use it for webinars and important virtual events. If you are a student or teacher then you can use it for attending your online classes also. With the help of Zoom conferencing system the potential users can join any kinds of meeting from anywhere in the world just with the help of an internet connection.

So if you need perfect software for grabar Zoom sin permiso for future use in order to study your materials then you have needed to find a perfect tool to record your zoom meeting without permission. If it is the case then iTop Screen Recorder can be the most convenient tool for you in order to record your Zoom meeting according to your desire. It works as the most professionals’ tool for any kinds of the users. It also has tons of additional features like editing video right after recording it, compressing video to reduce the size of the video, etc. The steps to use iTop Screen Recorder to record zoom without permission are as follows:

  1. As with any application, the first step is to download and install iTop Screen Recorder, you can find its official website on Google.
  2. After installing iTop Screen Recorder according to the steps, open it.
  3. On the main interface, you will see many options, choose to record screen, here you can choose a range of recording screen. If you need to record sound, activate the Microphone and Speaker option.
  4. In the settings, you can make more adjustments, such as video format, quality, frame rate, etc.
  5. Now, participate in the upcoming Zoom meeting, click the big circle button REC to start recording the Zoom meeting, the whole process does not need the consent of the meeting host, and no one will know that you are recording.
  6. After the recording is finished, you can view the recorded video in the iTop folder.

iTop Screen Recorder also has some very outstanding features:

  • The video it records has no watermark, and users spicecinemas can also customize their favorite watermark.
  • It has no time limit for recording the screen, no matter how long the meeting lasts.
  • The video quality it records is very high-definition, which is very important for recording screens.
  • It supports a variety of video formats and can play videos on almost all players.


We know that Zoom allows the host to record the meeting, but there is no way for other participants to record the meeting directly in the application without the host’s permission. However, if you use iTop Screen Recorder in this situation, you will be able to record Zoom meetings without any permissions, and everyone will not be notified when the meeting is being recorded. Even so, we recommend that it is best to ask the meeting organizer or moderator to ensure that superstep recording is possible before doing so.

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