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Lab Diamonds Brisbane Jewellers

Whether you are looking for a wedding band, a diamond ring or something else, you will need to know where to look for the best Lab diamonds Brisbane has to offer. Some of the best places to check out include Geokas, Larsen Jewellery and Novita Diamonds. All of these places have their own showrooms so you can see the latest designs and find out exactly how much they cost.

Novita Diamonds

Founded in 2010, Novita Diamonds is the largest lab created diamonds Manchester retailer in Australia. The company was founded to disrupt the diamond and jewellery industries by introducing an environmentally friendly alternative to the mined diamond.

The company is also a woman owned business and is committed to ensuring that its diamonds are the best of the best. The company uses a strong network of partner labs to produce lab grown diamonds. It is also the first company in the UK to offer lab grown diamond rings Fashionworldnow.

The company has an extensive range of diamond rings available at discounted prices. It also offers free Express Platinum/Express delivery on all Australian orders. They offer a free pickup service too. They also provide free repairs for defective items.

The company has a showroom in Brisbane, Queensland. It is also the largest manufacturer of lab grown diamonds in Australia. They also have a small team of devoted diamond experts to help clients choose the best option for them.

Larsen Jewellery

KAVALRI is a bespoke jewellery company Magazinefacts that helps thousands of customers find the perfect diamond for their dream ring. With superior ring designs, unrivalled service and a personalised approach, KAVALRI focuses on offering a unique customer experience. Founded in 2012, KAVALRI’s success has been based on a commitment to excellence and a dedication to providing the most superior customer experience.

Simon Dawson, owner and designer of Larsen Jewellery, believes that diamond engagement rings can be a treasured family heirloom. Simon is dedicated to sourcing the best diamonds and designing the most unique engagement rings. He aims to produce rings that are cut to perfection and that capture the maximum sparkle of diamonds Fashioncolthing.

Larsen Jewellery is the first jewellery store in Australia to be 100% carbon neutral. Larsen Jewellery is also a leader in the jewellery industry when it comes to sustainability and has a long history of making custom made fine jewellery.

Bakker Diamonds

Buying a diamond ring is a daunting task. The prices vary drastically, and the internet can be confusing. You need a diamond jeweler who can provide you with a range of options to choose from. There are many jewellery stores in Brisbane. Some of the best diamond jewelers are listed below.

Diamond Jewelry Studio is a jewellery store that specializes in handmade pieces. The artisans pay attention to every detail. They also have a unique diamond collection. You can find a variety of styles for any look. You can also customize your own piece. You can choose the size, color, and carat. You can have a one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring.


Larsen Jewellery is a high-quality jeweler with stores all over the East Coast of Australia. You can find the perfect engagement ring from Larsen. They also have a ready-to-wear collection. The store is known for their customer service. They also have a showroom on Queen Street. You can see the latest trending designs Fashionslog.

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