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Manage Your Condition With HealthTap

HealthTap provides a suite of features designed to assist people manage their conditions. These include an AI-powered symptom checker, one-on-one virtual consultations, and personalized care plans.

This service is supported by an expansive knowledge base containing millions of online doctor-answered questions. Furthermore, it offers a Concierge service that allows users to consult with doctors via HD video or text chat for just $44 per consultation.

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AI-Powered Symptom Checker

The AI-Powered Symptom Checker on HealthTap app offers personalized medical information and guidance to help manage your condition. Simply ask the chatbot on your HealthTap app about your symptoms to get started.

After running an initial assessment, it will determine whether or not you require urgent medical treatment. If so, it will direct you to the appropriate care facility and offer qualified teleconsultation services.

A symptom checker is an essential tool for any healthcare system. They improve patient communication and track disease progression to cut costs on unnecessary emergency room visits, intensive care unit admissions and major surgeries.

One-to-One Virtual Consultations

HealthTap provides one-on-one virtual consultations with licensed doctors available 24/7. These physicians offer general advice and information, as well as answers to health queries about specific conditions.

This service is accessible to people of all ages and genders. It helps patients avoid unnecessary trips to the ER or emergency rooms, obtain doctor-ordered prescriptions, order lab tests, receive reminders for follow-up visits, and receive referrals to specialists.

This service can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Additionally, it supports text messages and video calls for more personalized interaction.

Personalized Care Plans

HealthTap provides online platforms to help manage your condition by connecting you directly with medical professionals via live video call. They can offer tailored advice on your symptoms and conditions, as well as if needed, provide a prescription.

The site also features an AI-powered symptom checker that can quickly classify your symptoms, suggest possible causes and provide advice to take action right away. You can utilize this free service or pay a subscription fee for on-demand access to medical experts.

Doctors and patients can now engage directly through an app on either a smartphone or desktop computer. Users can submit anonymous questions to doctors, who will promptly provide free responses within 24 hours.

Personalized Medication Recommendations

HealthTap’s AI system utilizes health data, doctors’ insights and an expansive library of medical content to offer personalized medication recommendations. This includes suggesting the correct drug and providing ongoing support like customized checklists and reminders that help patients stick with their prescribed treatment plan.

HealthTap also assists patients in receiving the highest standard of medical care from their physicians. This includes ordering common laboratory tests that can be completed quickly after a doctor visit.

HealthTap has now taken their service to the next level with the introduction of HealthTap Prime, a subscription-based product available through mobile and web apps that provides 24/7 access to licensed physicians via video, audio or chat.

Personalized Treatment Plans

HealthTap’s network of physicians provides a variety of services to help members manage their conditions. These include personalized treatment plans, prescriptions and reminders.

One of the key features is its AI-powered symptom checker. This useful tool assists in pinpointing the source of your issue and deciding if immediate care is necessary.

HealthTap guarantees its doctors are fully verified and board-certified, as well as possessing a valid medical license.

The platform also has a library of health-related questions answered by its professional doctors, plus it can provide referrals and recommendations for specialists.

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