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What Starts the Operating System?

A computer’s boot program loads the operating system on the first boot. It is stored in a special area on the hard drive called “flash” memory or “BIOS” memory. It contains instructions on how to start the hardware and load bits from a particular location on the hard drive. The computer does many things when it is turned on, and this program is a crucial part of the process.

The operating system is a crucial piece of software for computers. It manages the resources of the computer and controls its operation. It is present at all times and is the first program that launches when the computer is turned on. Unlike other programs, the OS loads programs from disk when the computer begins, and it jumps to the first instruction to load the operating system kernel. This means that your operating system is always on.

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The operating system starts with a supervisor program, which loads the boot sector bits into main memory. After this, it transfers control to the rest of the operating system. The OS will load nonresident operating system programs from disk storage after the supervisor program has loaded the boot sector. The boot sector loader is the most important part of the OS. It keeps the entire system in memory and loads the rest of the OS from disk storage.

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