www 1337x com | www 1337x tw | The 1337x – A Review of the 1337x Torrent Tracker

The 1337x is a very popular torrent tracker for movies, series, and music. Some people also use it to find game torrents, although the Pirate Bay and RARBG are much more powerful sites. Earlier, the site was not recommended because it was too hard to navigate and had too many security risks. However, in recent years, the site has improved its browsing functionality and security, and now offers a search for Oscar nominations.

The 1337x is a highly polished torrent tracker that rarely goes down. The main domain is accessible from anywhere, even without a VPN, so it is not necessary to use a VPN to access it. It is also free of annoying popups and advertisements, which are annoying when trying to download files. The tracker is entirely reliant on advertising revenues, and you should consider supporting it with Bitcoin.

The 1337X is another great torrent tracker for movies. Despite being a new site, the site is still fairly popular and offers a variety of media. It is banned from Google, which is a good sign, since it is very popular and often bans websites that don’t follow a strict policy. Apart from offering a large variety of movies and music, the site is also able to download games and apps.

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