2022 World Cup betting guide

One of the most eagerly awaited athletic events, the World Cup 2022, begins on November 20. In addition to being watched by millions of football fans, the World 

Cup is a tremendously popular betting event, so we’ve put together a detailed guide to locating the top online bookmakers, choosing the best outright markets, and offering advice on how to discover the finest World Cup bets.

Knowledge of the World Cup

One of the most popular athletic events in the world is the FIFA World Cup, which is held every four years. 

It is always a fiercely intense four weeks of top-notch tennis, with 32 teams each vying for the prized Jules Rimet Trophy.

Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup, which will run from November 20 to December 18. Throughout the group stage, there will be four matches every day, making for a fantastic spectacle and plenty of opportunities for football bettors to choose winning wagers.

If you’re placing a tournament wager, you should consider the fact that there is no break between the end of the group stage and the beginning of the knockout stages, unlike in past competitions.

You don’t need to wait until the event starts to place a wager since online bookmakers have already set prices for outright markets including tournament champion and top goal scorer. 

The majority of the first group games have odds available after the completion of the group stage draw.

Markets and Bet Types That Are Common

Online bookmakers are obviously eager to provide bettors a wide variety of betting markets given that the bursa taruhan piala dunia is one of the most watched events on the sports calendar.

Single bets are the most common kind of pre-tournament wager, however accumulator gamblers prefer to use markets like “Group Winner” since you may add a number of inexpensive picks in your stake.

Betting Patterns

Handicap betting

When it comes to betting on international football, there are often a number of odd matches. Handicap betting is a genius approach to level the playing field when one team is much superior than the other. The lesser team benefits from handicap markets while the favorites are given a challenge to conquer. This is a particularly useful strategy for betting on lopsided group stage matches.


Since gamblers who rely on this market are not obliged to predict a match winner, it is a popular option to speculate on individual World Cup matches. 

This market is the best method to participate in any future competition, whether you want a low-scoring tactical 90 minutes or a high-scoring gung-ho affair.

In-Play / Live Betting

Over the last several years, live betting has grown in popularity. Bookmakers like 10Bet and bwin now provide many live in-play events every day. 

Every game in the 2022 World Cup will be open to live betting, and there will be enough to keep gamblers occupied with options like “Next Team to Score” and “To Happen in the Next 5 Minutes.” 

In-play betting is the best method to respond to any mid-match adjustments if you’re watching the game on television since the odds are continually changing to reflect the activity on the field.

Prop betting / Player betting markets

Online sportsbooks are always striving to expand your betting options, and with player betting markets (also known as prop bets in the US), there are now many possibilities to wager on a match during the 2022 World Cup. 

A player’s shots, tackles, and passes may now be gambled on in addition to the more common goal-scorer markets. 

Additionally, you may wager on a player to earn two yellow cards or more. These are wonderful enhancements that are quite helpful when playing lopsided group games.

Direct betting

When it comes to placing bets on the World Cup, outright betting continues to be one of the most well-liked and discussed markets. Even still, picking the winner of this renowned competition is not an easy task. 

On this market, you may also place an each-way wager and win money if your preferred side advances to the final on December 18.

Even though France will be favored by many bettors, teams seldom win successive championships, and the price on Les Bleus to keep the trophy seems a bit low. 

In the outright market, Brazil and England are also popular choices.

Online bookmakers like 10bet and 888sport provide markets on the best goal scorer, most assists, and to advance to the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final in addition to the outright winner. 

The latter is great if you like betting on underdogs to get to the competition’s latter rounds.

Multiples, accumulators, and combination bets

Even while single wagers are highly common when it comes to World Cup wagering, some gamblers like to place accumulator and numerous wagers during the game. 

The group stage of the 2022 World Cup will include four matches every day, therefore there will probably be a high demand for accumulators.

Accumulators are a fun and possibly profitable method to bet on the 2022 World Cup, even if they are far riskier than betting on a single pick. They allow gamblers to achieve substantial profits for a tiny expenditure.

Pairing Bets

Combination bets, often known as accumulators, are an excellent method to transform a little wager into a potentially significant quantity of money. You will need the success of each and every choice in order to guarantee a return. 

However, a lot of online bookies provide “Acca Insurance,” which will repay your bet if even one of your picks loses. 

It is advisable to join up with a bookmaker that provides this reward since it will be useful during the World Cup group stage in 2022.

Combination bets combine all of your selections’ odds, which increases the potential payouts significantly over single outcome bets.

Formula for World Cup Parlays

If you’re creating a World Cup accumulator, you probably want to know how much money you stand to win if each of your picks wins. 

Numerous online bookmakers provide a calculator so that you can quickly calculate your potential returns. Alternatively, if you’re good with math, you might want to do this yourself. 

However, with the tools at your disposal, it will be much quicker if you let the online sportsbook handle the grunt work.

Betting odds and odds calculator for the World Cup

You’ll undoubtedly be closely monitoring the odds if you’re betting on the World Cup. These are the prices that the bookies are providing, and they indicate the possibility and probability of a certain event. 

Brazil, for instance, is offered at better odds by 10bet to win the 2022 World Cup than Spain, who are available at odds of 13/2.

The odds are always fluctuating and are affected by a variety of things, such as recent form, injury updates, and the amount of money bet on a certain pick. Brazil’s outright price of 9/2 is expected to decrease if there is an avalanche of bets on them.

The odds tend to change for each match in the hours leading up to kickoff.

Calculator for World Cup odds

The odds calculator, which some bookmakers provide to bettors, may be used to convert the chances of winning into a probability percentage. This is useful for determining if the bookmaker’s odds accurately represent a team’s chances of winning.

If the bookmaker you like does not provide this service, do not be concernedthere are several odds calculators that are accessible online for free.

Making a wager on an underdog

It’s crucial to consider the likelihood of an unexpected result while placing a wager on the World Cup. 

Teams who aren’t predicted to triumph are referred to as “underdogs” and may be employed in both the overall market and match-by-match betting.

Due to their higher price in the outright market than many other teams, including England, Brazil, Argentina, and Spain, Croatia was seen as a considerable underdog in 2018. 

They did, however, make it to the championship game and were given odds of around 7/2 (3.5) to win the Jules Rimet.

When placing bets on individual matches, picking the underdog is pretty typical. Given the four games each day and several rapid turnarounds in 2022, it is probably worthwhile to think about supporting the underdog.

While the final phases of the competitions in 2018 often went as planned, Sweden’s triumph over Switzerland and Belgium’s victory over Brazil were instances of an underdog winning. 

The clearest example of an underdog winning was South Korea’s 2-0 triumph against Germany in the last group match at roughly 20/1 odds. This could be the greatest moment to look for potential underdogs since the third group game is open for one or two latestforyouth surprises.

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