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Best Lab Diamonds Singapore

Lab-grown diamonds are increasingly popular among informed millennials who are concerned about the environment and ethically-sourced gems. They are also cheaper than natural diamonds and often come from conflict-free sources.

They are created using a scientific process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) to simulate the conditions of naturally grown diamonds beneath the earth’s surface.

SK Jewellery

As one of the largest jewellery retail chain stores in Singapore, SK Jewellery is known for its high quality and innovative design. Founded in 2003, the company works to make high-quality diamond and gold jewellery accessible to all modern women.

The brand’s products are made of high-quality metals and crafted with love to create meaningful jewellery pieces that showcase your unique style. It also works to promote sustainability in its operations through sustainable gold recycling and eco-friendly packaging.

SK Jewellery has been an early adopter of lab diamonds and is proud to be one of the top suppliers in the country. Their Star Carat line features beautiful lab-grown diamonds that have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as mined diamonds.


Goldheart, the first bridal jeweller in Singapore, offers a range of rings that cater to every aesthetic. They also offer a wide variety of settings, giving customers the option to customize their rings.

Best lab diamonds Singapore are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore as they offer a significant cost-saving alternative to mined diamonds. According to Iris Tan, co-founder of Authica Jewellery (the local brand that specializes in lab-grown diamonds), one can expect to pay around half the price for a mined diamond of the same size and quality when purchasing a lab-grown diamond.

The Star Lab collection from Goldheart includes IGI-certified lab-grown diamonds that have the same chemical, physical and optical characteristics of a natural diamond. Moreover, these lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from their natural counterparts with the naked eye!

Michael Trio

Michael Trio is an online jewellery store that carries a range of finely crafted jewellery pieces. Their product range includes wedding bands, engagement rings and more – all crafted by hand using quality 18-karat gold, white gold and platinum in Singapore.

They also carry a selection of beautiful gemstones and diamonds. These are sourced from ethical suppliers, and are certified by IGI, so you can be sure you are purchasing a diamond that is both sustainable and ethically produced.

Founded by three brothers, the company was inspired by a story of their father’s love for his family. He started out as a smith, crafting precious metal regalia for sultans and royalty. He poured his heart and soul into every piece of jewelry that he crafted.

Love & Co.

Lab diamonds are man-made stones that look just as stunning as natural diamonds. They can be rated and graded like a naturally mined stone on the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color and carat).

The man made diamonds London are made with eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials. These lab-grown diamonds are a great option for couples who want to make a meaningful impact on the world while celebrating their love.

For the best lab diamonds, consider a high-quality stone with good clarity and color, recommends Shahla Karimi, New York-based designer and founder of Clean Origins. She advises couples to stay within the F-G range, which is the lowest-grade color on the scale and still a good quality for the price.

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