dailymotion movies hindi | Dailymotion – A French Videotape Participation Technology Platform

Dailymotion is a French videotape participation technology platform that is attracting 300 million users from all over the world. The company claims that people watch 3.5 billion videos a month on the player. The company also has a press site and a newsletter. The French government has invested in the company. It also has a large user base. While the French government does not have a direct involvement with Dailymotion, it has been a key investor in the company.

It is owned by Vivendi, a French media giant. The site was initially launched in France with partners like Hearst Digital Media, Bloomberg, and Vice Media. The website has localized versions in 43 languages and has over 300 million monthly users. It has become one of the most popular video sharing sites. Its growth has led to the establishment of new partnerships. The Dailymotion platform has a strong social media component.

While Orange owns Dailymotion, it also has several partners, including Bloomberg, VICE, and BBC. The company is the second largest social video site globally, behind YouTube. The U.S. version of the service reports 20 million unique monthly visitors, with a total of 112 million visitors globally. Today, the company has more than one billion views. A spokesperson for the company declined to discuss the Givit traction in the U.S., citing ongoing negotiations with Yahoo and Google.

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