Reasons Why You Should Choose Man Made Diamonds Over Natural Diamonds

Using a lab-grown diamond is the best way to get a beautiful diamond ring, but do you know why you should choose them instead of mined ones? Not only are they much more affordable than their mined counterparts, but they also mirror natural diamonds perfectly, meaning they will have a higher resale value. Here are three reasons you should consider lab-grown diamonds over mined diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds

While lab grown diamonds are not cheap, they are still vastly cheaper than their natural counterparts. This makes them a great option for anyone looking to avoid debt, save for a wedding, or simply take a nice holiday. However, they do not always retain their value as well as mined diamonds. Here are some reasons why lab grown diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds.

Man-made diamonds have a shorter supply chain than mined diamonds, which translates into lower prices. Furthermore, they can be found at a significantly lower price, ranging from 30-40% lower than their mined counterparts. The technology behind them is improving rapidly, which means they are likely to continue to fall in price. In the meantime, mined diamonds continue to increase in value as reserves are depleted.

Environmentally friendly

When you buy man made diamonds in Sydney, you will be supporting an industry that aims to be environmentally friendly. Diamond mining has caused numerous problems worldwide, including the destruction of habitats. In Canada alone, diamond mining has killed over 18,000 fish, and it is also blamed for putting endangered tiger populations under threat. The mining industry isn’t an easy fix, however, so you should do your research and shop around before making a purchase.

Fortunately, lab created diamonds are becoming more popular in Australia as a fashion accessory. They have all the same physical characteristics as natural diamonds, but come from a lab. This means that the production process of lab-created diamonds has fewer negative environmental impacts than that of mine-origin diamonds. But despite these advantages man made diamonds Sydney are not necessarily more eco-friendly than natural diamonds.

They mirror natural diamonds

A man made diamond is a synthetic stone that has the same chemical composition as a natural diamond. They are grown in a laboratory and mirror their natural counterparts in color, hardness, and luster. Because they are created in a controlled environment, it is impossible to tell the difference without sophisticated testing equipment. This means that they can be as perfect as a natural diamond, and cost a fraction of the price.

If you want to own a precious stone but are not willing to spend a lot of money on it, you may be interested in man made diamonds Sydney. These gemstones have been in use for decades but have only recently become appropriate for jewellery. They are created from synthetic materials and have the same molecular structure as diamonds. Furthermore, man made diamonds Sydney are more affordable than natural diamonds.


Another reason to buy a man-made diamond is the lower cost of manufacturing. The cost per carat of a lab-created diamond is approximately 250 million joules compared to 538.5 million for a natural diamond. This difference means that you will likely be able to resell a man-made diamond for as little as $50. In some cases, man-made diamonds Sydney can reach a higher resale value than natural diamonds .

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