Typora – Best Markdown Editor for Programmers

Even though there are a variety of tools for computer programmers, they are not always comfortable to use for code creation and refactoring. Therefore, developers have been searching for alternative solutions that would allow working easily with code and support syntax for a variety of programming languages at the same time. Luckily, such a solution exists and it is named Typora markdown editor, so this article explains how this app could be useful for developers.

Code Writing

To reduce time on code writing and increase your effectiveness as a developer, starting writing using Typora is an option. This app provides a concept of ‘code fences’ where it analyzes code and checks it for syntax errors depending on the chosen programming language.

Being a cross-platform solution, Typora is available for different operating systems, including macOS, Linux, and Windows. Therefore, you will be able to utilize Typhora regardless of the programming language you are working with. It also does not matter if you create native applications, as Typora could be used effectively in any case. 

HTML Support

Those who are involved in the website creation would also benefit from markdown editors such as Typora. It works with the markup language family, and HTML makes one of them.

Even though modern content management systems and website builders also support HTML syntax correction and error highlighting, Typora would still be applicable within your workflow. While standard CMS systems rather focus on entire web page creation, Typora can work with individual pieces of HTML code. It would be particularly suitable when you need to prepare an HTML block for a partner website with promotional materials, for instance.

Diagram Creation

Developers, programmers, software architects, QA engineers, technical writers, and many other IT professionals cannot imagine their everyday workflow without diagrams. In most cases, schemes are drawn by hand or using such tools as Google Draw, for instance, but this might not guarantee the required level of precision.

Here Typora comes in handy as it is capable of drawing practically any type of diagram or chart. For instance, business analysts would benefit from flowchart creation with a clear flow of processes in software.

HTML Support

Project managers would be happy to utilize the Gantt Chart function in Typora for illustrating the processes in the current sprint to have a better overview of the team load.

Diagram Creation

Data scientists and analysts would appreciate other diagram types within Typora that simplify work by visualizing the data.

Formula Support

Coding is not a simple thing because it is usually based on a theoretical foundation – mathematical and physical backgrounds. For instance, in order to design a computer graphic object, heavy mathematical calculations are required to make it look natural in the scene.

Formula Support

Therefore, developers have to transform mathematical forms into a programming language code. For a better visibility, including the formula in the comment section would greatly help in further code development or refactoring. With Typoral, all this is possible as this app includes mathematical modules which allow you to depict the needed formula of any complexity.


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