Understanding the Relationship Between Software and Hardware

In a computer system, hardware is the physical device that is connected to the computer. Software is the set of instructions installed on the hard drive. The two are interdependent. The software provides direction to the hardware, and the hardware depends on the software to function properly. For example, the monitor and mouse are part of the physical device, but a computer cannot function without them. The two are completely different, but both are necessary to operate a computer.

Hardware is the physical components of a computer, while software controls them. Both the hardware and the software have two distinct components: the operating system and the application. The former is what you use, and the latter is what you program. Every part of your computer, from the hardware to the screen, is composed of both hardware and programs. The software enables the hardware to perform the tasks it needs to perform, while the other is dependent on it.

Ending Line

Software and hardware are not the same. The operating system is the software that runs the hardware. The operating system, or OS, is the software that makes your computer work. It directs the hardware and runs applications, while the application is what you use. As you can see, every part of your computer can be broken down into software and the hardware. It’s like flying a plane – the pilot controls the plane and the pilot commands it.

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