Is Software Engineering Interesting?

Software engineers come in many varieties. Some are data scientists; others are machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers. Then there are site reliability engineers who keep the lights on. And there are QA engineers who make sure that other engineers’ work is up to par. They test the quality of products and code. Another subset is mobile engineers, who create apps for smartphones. Regardless of the type of software engineer you want to become, there are a variety of jobs within the field.

Programming is a big part of software engineering, and even if you don’t have much background in the field, you can still write a program to remind yourself to take a break. You can also take an Intro to Computer Science course to get an idea of how fun it is to program. There are plenty of people who do not like programming at first, but if you have an interest in the field, you will probably love it.

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Most software engineering jobs require coding, and it’s easy to make an application that reminds you to take a break every so often. If you don’t like programming, take an Intro to Computer Science course so that you can get a better idea of what it is like to create applications. During your first two weeks, you will learn the basics of computer science, and will probably enjoy programming in the Python cfcnet language.

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