What is an Operating System?

An operating system is the system software that manages the hardware and software resources on a computer. This software provides common services for programs and processes on a computer. The operating systems in use today are very powerful. Having a basic understanding of how an operating-system works will make it easier to understand how it works on a computer. Here are some important facts about the different types of computers. And what is an OS?

The operating system is the backbone of a computer. It manages hardware and manages programs and processes on a computer. This hardware may include a central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing units (GPU), memory, hard drives, input/output devices, keyboard, and monitor, and USB ports. The OS is the glue that holds everything together. Let’s look at each of the major components of an operating system.

Ending Line

A computer operating system handles all of the hardware and software. It schedules and runs programs into memory and virtual memory. When a program is running on a computer, it requires a lot of memory. If the operating system is not able to allocate enough memory, it will crash the computer. This is where an OS comes in handy. This software ensures that every application has enough memory. The operating system can also handle interruptions gracefully.

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